Hydraulic cylinder repair in Utena

Hydraulic cylinders are components of machinery used in industry and farming that help ensure efficient operation. When hydrocylinders fail, parts wear or other problems arise, we take care of them efficiently. We repair hydraulic cylinders of all types and machines in a fast and high-quality manner. We carry out all the necessary turning, drilling, milling and welding work.



Repairing hydraulic cylinders: options

We understand that our customers’ needs are wide-ranging, and that they use very different machines for their work. That’s why we offer flexibility: we repair all types of hydrocylinders. We work with single-acting, double-acting and telescopic hydrocylinders (brands – Di Natale Bertelli, Binotto, Hyva, Nummi, Meiller, Georg, Edbro, Penta). We can fit new parts to hydrocylinders when wear is noticed. We stock all the original components you need: seals (cuffs), chrome-plated rods, honed tubes, pistons, guide, fixing components (swivel bearings, slip sleeves, flanges).

With Kervi, you’ll find all the services you need in one place, and you’ll soon be back in perfect working order with a hydrocylinder that will be repaired in no time.

Common hydraulic cylinder failures

All cylinder failures that occur require precise and rapid solutions. If repairs are not carried out, the hydraulic cylinder could be permanently damaged, disrupting production or other operations.

Hydrocylinder failures can vary, but the most common are:

  • hydraulic fluid that penetrates through the seals to the outside of the cylinder,
  • hydraulic fluid that penetrates the seals inside the cylinder,
  • hydraulic fluid penetrating the outside of the cylinder through the weld seams,
  • cracked, scratched and rusted hydraulic pipe,
  • a scratched, rusted, bent chrome bar,
  • a cracked rod guide,
  • worn fixing components.

If you encounter these or any other problems, we’ll help you put them behind you quickly and permanently.

Hydraulic cylinder repair workflow

If you notice a cylinder failure or any other problem, the professional hydrocylinder technicians at Kervi are always at your service. We’ll serve you quickly, diagnose the problem, plan and carry out the necessary repairs.

Repair progress and stages:

  1. Accurate diagnostics. If the hydraulic cylinder has no obvious damage, we connect it to the test bench and carry out a thorough inspection. This diagnostic method helps to detect hydraulic fluid leaks and pinpoint their exact location. Once the problem is detected, we assess the scope, time and cost of the repair. We answer questions from our clients.
  2. Repairs and parts replacement. Damaged hydro-cylinder components are replaced with new, original parts by cutting off a piece of honed pipe or chrome-plated rod of the required length. The cylinder is machined on a lathe or milling machine to perfectly match the cylinder being repaired. Threads are produced, old fasteners that are still usable are welded in place, or completely new fasteners are added.
  3. Protection against leakage of hydraulic fluid. All worn-out seals are replaced with new, high quality and reliable seals.
  4. Repeat the diagnostic process. After the repair, the cylinder is tested again on the test bench. If no irregularities are observed, the work is successfully completed. The hydrocylinder is returned to the customer in perfect working order.

If you want fast and flawless repairs, choose UAB “Kervi”, located in Utena, Užpalių g. 86B. High-level hydraulic cylinder repairs are carried out here. Our specialists use modern tools, knowledge and know-how, so you won’t be disappointed with the result!